Yuula Benivolski works in photography, film/video and installation. She uses autofiction and personal narratives as a way to encourage a closer understanding of collective memories and their historical contexts.

Her project “Platform” currently in production, uses the idea of a borderless Palestine as a point of departure to investigate settler colonial policies in the Middle East, a place where she grew up. In 2022 she will present “In a Room and a Half” at Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre in Kingston - a new body of video and installation works based entirely on the details of the small Moscow apartment which housed her family in the first ten years of her life.

Traces is an ASMR video tutorial that demonstrates the process of forensic fingerprint development on old currency that has been out of circulation for thirty years. Benivolski left Moscow at 10 years old when it was still part of the Communist USSR and made her first trip back home to the “Russian Federation” 28 years later. Curious about the disappeared ideology and citizens of the place she was born in, she purchased 300 Soviet banknotes which went out of circulation in 1993, with plans to lift fingerprints off them. The fingerprints, once revealed through a chemical process taught to her by a forensic specialist, are photographed using an orange filter on a macro lens and enlarged 80 times their size, in order to show the last natural traces of a place that has been made to vanish. With Bridget Moser.

Traces • Forensic Examination • ASMR • Soft Spoken

Welcome to our forensic lab :-) Today we will slowly demonstrate how to lift perfectly defined fingerprints from difficult surfaces.

For video controls, watch the tutorial here.

Trigger sections:

00:07 clinking glass • 04:08 intro/ page turning • 08:39 pen on paper/ inaudible whisper • 11:11 caressing plastic test tubes • 14:11 rustling paper • 21:40 pen on paper/ inaudible whisper • 32:58 crinkling plastic • 50:52 peeling plastic sounds • 55:20 latex glove on cotton tablecloth • 1:04:00 FINGERPRINTS REVEALED !!!