Monique Todd is a London-born writer working through essays, mapping and multimedia formats. She is interested in frictions, edges, incontinence, joyful error, unsanitary desires and frisky freaky potentials. Altitude Above Hygiene enlisted the contribution of GWENBA, a multidisciplinary new:media artist whose work explores connections through both digital and organic realms [within the context of Ancient:Futures].

Altitude Above Hygiene is a digital tract surfacing nightlife pasts from waste and architectural incontinence. Through speculating transmissions with nonhuman/inhuman matter, the tract seeks to attune to the slippery grammar of effluence, remembering with and from the imagined (and residual) waste of ecstatic encounters. Abstracted field recordings of architectural spillage, gathered from sites that held Black queer nightlife in London, are linked by digestive pipage co-visioned and shaped by multidisciplinary new:media artist GWENBA, to mock up a system of ingestion, expulsion and collaboration. Altitude Above Hygiene is a testing ground that seeks to ask what waste remembers? What (muffled) positionalities can detritus and spectral interference offer up to unfix the formalities of preservation? How can thinking through waste honour the desanitised nature of erotic expression?